Pawn Shops – Delving Deeper Into the Other Services

Pawn shops have become the center of attraction ever since the establishment of the Mosaic Law as the core etiquette for pawnbroking. Though shops have emerged in popularity, with the establishments circulating in different parts of the world, the main purpose of the business remains simple. The main purpose is ensuring that the clients will get the cash in exchange for valuable items as collateral.

The items that end up as collateral will be bought by the owners or sold to other clients in case there are others that keep a guarding eye on these precious objects. After all, each item in the Pawn shop has a history and if someone wants to get it, that person may better take care of that item or the past owners will be pissed off. No one likes it when someone buys that World War 2 pistol from the pawnshop only to see that it is broken because of carelessness and neglect when shooting bullets. The value of the pistol decreases significantly because of the damaged condition.


No matter what the city or rural village, there will always be that one pawnshop that is worth venturing into when doing the ‘clean-up’ for cash. Rest assured that the inventory stashed inside are kept under tight surveillance. It can be devastating to know that pawnbrokers can be the targets for shoplifters as well as robbers, more so when the crime ratings in the area have a high percentage. Crime cases taint the Pawn shop’s reputation if the establishment is not careful enough. Not to mention that it induces huge losses for the establishment, and that can spell trouble for the recovery phase after the disaster. The worse fate that can occur is when the shop shuts down because of bankruptcy.

What matters the most is that without these shops, the options to resort to for money will be limited and there will no other purpose for the items that are just collecting dust if left untouched in the house attic for years.

The Side Services

Pawn shops have a boatload of services available for the clients, though the main purpose, the goal behind the emergence, still remains the number one priority. But aside from that service, shops can also cater to these services:

Item Vending and Trading

the shop sells both the new and the second-hand items as a sideline. In case the place has a high demand for the items, the establishment can cater to these requests and grab some extra bucks along the way. However, it can’t be guaranteed that the vending remains and the items on the list that are available for selling can be changed without prior notice towards the customers. Trading used items can be entertained, but it can be subject to certain payment terms in case the establishment also accepts layaway plans.

Currency Exchange

in case someone is a newcomer to the place, the business can also help in the transition of currencies, like Yen, Pesos or Won to US Dollars. The value of one currency to the other changes drastically based on the current economy status, so don’t expect the value to be the same. Approximations can suffice for the close estimation, without the hassle to carry for extra coins when stashed into the wallet.

Other Loans

aside from the main service the shop may also offer other types of loans. One notable example is the payday loan in which the paycheck or the salary of the one borrowing the cash for the loan will be utilized as payment for the fees. Vehicle and house title loans, wherein the titles can be relinquished for extra cash with the risk of repossessing the property if the payments are not settled, can be approved as well.

But still, it all depends on the availability, so it may just be a seasonal service for other shops that pick the services up as the way to rise up from the tragedies that may otherwise leave the business in shambles. For New York residents, feel free to drop by MajorPawn today, for we pawn and sell items for profit.

Getting Paid From A Pawn Shop – What To Sell

Pawn-shopLooking around your home, you may find that you have a lot of things that are worth money. Not just the things that are of sentimental importance, but the things that are legitimately worth a lot of money. Electronics, precious metals, and so much more can garner a great deal of money, even though you don’t use them nearly as much as you initially thought.

Even gifts that you were given during a relationship, or you purchased yourself as a kind gesture, may end up getting neglected. If you have anything in your home that you don’t want, don’t use, or perhaps want to see appraised, you may want to go to a pawn shop. There’s a lot of reasons for this, but getting the most out of them takes a few tips and tricks overall.

Selling Or Pawning

Before getting into what makes the most money at a pawn level, you’ll first want to consider one of two options. Do you want to sell or do you want to pawn? That’s the question that you’re going to get asked when you visit nearly any shop. They’ll ask whether you are looking to sell or you are going to get a loan. Both options are viable, mind you, but they offer very distinctive differences, and that’s something that you should consider overall. The distinctive differences are going to either help or hinder your progress in making money with the items that you have.

Selling things outright is a good thing. You can get paid and that’s it. You will need to give your items to the shop, and then accept whatever the price tag they give you for the items. Most often, they’ll appraise the item on several levels, and then consider whether or not they can sell things to the general public or if they want to keep things in their collection.

In regard to pawning, you’re going to find that you can get a loan. Loans given by shops are done through collateral. That means that your items are going to get appraised, you’ll get a cash offer, and then you’ll get your money. However, the shop will keep your items in case you cannot pay the loan. If you do not pay within the allotted time frame, or if you fail to make payments for any reason, you will default on the loan. A default means that you’ll lose the items that you have put up. There’s no way around this, so you’ll need to consider this overall.

What To Sell

PawnGetting to the main focal point of going with a pawn solution, you’ll need to consider what to sell. The items that are going to garner you the most money include precious metals. Precious metals appraise for a higher value, and will garner you thousands of dollars. This doesn’t matter if it’s broken, or if it’s in complete working order, you can make a great deal of money with this option. Every major pawn broker is going to look for jewelry of all types, and if you have 24K or any type of gold, and you have silver, platinum, gems, and more, you’ll get a good price.

The market value of precious metals will continue to rise overall. It’s going to pay off dividends, and you could stand to make a lot if you sell, or if you want to get a loan. Now, there are other things that companies in the pawn world buy, but to get the most money from them, you’ll want to appraise and go with precious metals. Jewelry, even if it’s broken, can garner you thousands, and that’s a great thing.