Choosing the Right Caskets and Urns

Most crematories in Knoxville require the use of cremation caskets when cremating a deceased body. This is to protect the operator’s health and safety, especially if the deceased died from an infectious illness. In keeping with this prerequisite, the funeral homes themselves facilitate the acquisition of caskets for cremation.

Funeral HomesKnoxville’s funeral homes offer a variety of caskets that can be purchased and used for cremation and/or funeral services prior to cremation. Knoxville also has funeral suppliers that sell wider varieties of caskets not found in funeral homes’ casket and coffin galleries. It is important to find and use the right kind of casket promptly prior to cremation.

Knoxville crematories also require that the casket should be decent and should provide adequate covering for the deceased’s body even if the casket will only be burned with the body during the process of cremation. Knoxville regulations also hold funeral homes liable for any cremation malpractice, including the omission or misuse of caskets during cremation.

Here are some basic options you can select from and purchase to use as a cremation casket or container that is right for your loved one and right for you:

Wood caskets

Wood caskets are the most ideal to use for cremation. They are made of natural materials that will not cause harm to the immediate environment. Wood is also a good combustible container that is approved to fit the cremation chamber. It is also the most decent to use for public viewing if a funeral service is to be held prior to the cremation process. There are a wide variety of designs and types of wood casket that you can choose from, even the linings and interiors can be as splendid as you would prefer.

Fiberboard caskets

Corrugated fiberboard is an attractive and cheaper alternative to wood. They can also be used for viewing as they appear almost like wood, only lighter and thinner. This type usually comes in tray-view designs and is easier to transport especially if the cremation will be done at a crematory out of town.

Cardboard containers

This could be a wise choice if the deceased will be cremated immediately. Those who forgo funeral services prior to cremation and those who can no longer afford a fancier container may pick this instead, provided that the body of the deceased must be covered decently.

After the cremation process is done, the cremated remains of the deceased will be collected in a temporary container if an urn has not yet been picked. After all, the disposition of the remains will be entirely up to the family to decide. If the ashes are to be scattered immediately after the cremation, an urn may no longer be needed unless a portion of the ashes will be saved for safekeeping. Urns also have different types to choose from, depending on the type of ash disposition:

Sized cremation urns

This is the type of urn that is designed to hold the ashes of one person. This is ideal to use if the ashes will be buried in a cemetery or kept in a single place like the deceased’s home or church tomb.
Sharing urns – These are smaller-sized urns and are used when the ashes are to be divided among family members who wish to keep portions of their loved one’s remains.

Keepsake urns

These are the smallest-sized urns that can hold a little amount of the ashes. This is used if the ashes will be buried or scattered but the family still wants to keep a small portion for safekeeping. Keepsake urns are also used to distribute very small portions of the ashes to friends and other relatives as a token or memento of the deceased.

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