Using Glow Enamel to Boost the Value and Beauty of Custom Challenge Coins

The renowned custom challenge coins at present are being released in diverse versions, which may be taken as souvenirs, fund raisers and more in several organizations such as universities, schools, army and business enterprise and so on. To put it differently, these coins are available under the most in-demand promotional items offered these days. They have been produced with an organization, school and business as the primary goal.

In order to satisfy the demands of the ever-changing circumstances, which give inclination to outward sparkle and glow, special custom challenge coins having glow enamel are being offered these days. The coins of today’s world are especially designed to fulfill people’s needs. Among the most effective ways to be noticed in a large group is by incorporating this type of glowing enamel. This makes it possible for the challenge coins to shine brightly even when in the dark.

custom challenge coinsBased on a legend, bronze challenge coins were made by a rich lieutenant in the first world war for each and every member of his fleet. Currently, the challenge coins tradition has passed on to the army, marine, navy guards and many others. A very important factor which can be described about these coins is that every person would like their item to be special and distinctive in some way. The element which is rarely used is the glow-in-the-dark enamel. This unique color fill makes any part that is coated with the enamel to glow whenever exposed to any source of light, and continue to glow visibly even in the dark.

These types of coins are ideal for nightclubs, video game parlors, bowling alleys, Halloween events and so much more. They could also be sold at concert events or special sports activities as a memorabilia. People are more than likely to remember a person when they catch a glimpse of his unconventional challenge coins.

At present, various manufacturers and designers create several kinds of challenge coins. They can style these coins in many different ways depending on the needs of the customers. Various sizes or shapes have already been made available. These challenge coins are the supreme representation of people’s insights and thoughts. It can consist of things like emblem, motto or textual content provided by the customers. Hence, this can help people to express and communicate their thoughts to the person receiving the coin most appropriately.

What are the different forms of custom challenge coins?

There are currently two forms of challenge coins. The first kind is referred to as soft enamel having a textured surface area. The second kind of coin is known as hard enamel, which has been derived from the Chinese tradition. They make use of hard heated enamel in order to produce coins with incredibly smooth texture. One pitfall of the custom challenge coins having glow enamel is that it does yield great results when combined with coins that are coated with epoxy. The epoxy would only reduce the level of light that combine with the glow enamel, which then causes a little less glow result.

What are the different uses of custom challenge coins that are enhanced with glow enamel?

Because of its superior quality visual appeal and distinctive attribute, challenge coins with glow enamel normally possess a higher worth as compared to any other kinds of coins. These special coins have numerous uses, which include the things enumerated below:

1. It is used as a reward for a member’s good deed or achievement.

2. It is sold to people as a way to raise funds for a good cause.

3. It is offered as a sign of gratitude to clients or business affiliates.

4. It is used and carried as a symbol of respect and honor for an important person who passed away.

5. It is used to capture the attention and interest of potential customers.

6. It is used to educate people with regards to a certain product.